Mallorca Lee’s XL Podcast ep.42 Coloursfest 2014 Mallorca Lee XL Podcast ep.43 part 3 - Ibiza Tech Trance Mix
Jul 03

Welcome to part Part 4 of episode 43's XL Podcast. Capturing the sound track to 24 hours in Ibiza with me and some good friends.

In the mix we have left the busy club our ears buzzing, T-shirts damp with sweat as we bundle happily out into the cool breeze. Like drunken magnets were pulled back down to the beach laughing. We find our spot and enjoy another glorious sunrise hugging or thinking of the one we love. Holding hands, we start to dance letting the sun warm our skin as we slowly put our sunglasses back on framing the smiles on our faces. 

Mallorca Lee's XL Podcast ep.43 - Ibiza Sunrise Mix - Part 4/4

01 . Sugar - Mallorca Lee feat . Ross Ferguson 

02.  Wicked Games ft. Anna Naklab (Original Mix) - Parra for Cuva

03. The Wolf (Nothing to Declare Remix) [Spincredible Records] - Jason Fubar

04. Walking With Elephants (Original Mix) - Ten Walls

05. Ringo (Original Mix) - Joris Voorn

06. Set It Off (Original Mix) - Juliet Sikora, Tube & Berger

07. Crystalised (Agoria Remix (Dixon Vocal Retouch)) - Martina Topley Bird, Warpaint, Mark Lanegan

08. Hey Now (Sasha Remix) - London Grammar

09. Bullit (Original Mix) - Watermat

10. Light Through The Veins (Ewan Pearson's Downtown Lights Remix) - Jon Hopkins

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